If the decision to open up local church administration to laymen was initially aimed at preparing the way for radical changes, ultimately the system has mostly helped perpetuate the position of local notables within parish communities. Communications – Journalism, Journalism Professions The practice of development journalis Newspapers, magazines and theological works published by the association have been distributed in book stalls throughout Ethiopia. Orthodox Handbook on Ecumenism: See, for instance, Young, His intellectual profile and international experience were also well suited to the task of rebuilding ecumenical relations with other Churches. See Engedayehu , pp.

Tax collectors faced local oppo- sition, strengthened by the fact that their appointment depended less on the ecclesiastical council than on the government itself. Pentecostals are known for their noisy worship and prayer meetings and the image most people have for them is the countless denominations that came out after Pentecostalism broke out in the early 20th century. These associations offer their members the possibility of restoring bonds broken by rural exodus, in particular through mutual aid to help people cope with the economic costs of funeral ceremonies. In addition to this intellectual and educational movement, Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity has been also transformed at the grassroots level by the emergence of charismatic figures and the revival of tradi- tional practices such as exorcism, healing rituals and prophecies. Religious authority under the Ethiopian monarchy Before tracing the evolution of the Church within the history of the construction of the contemporary Ethiopian nation, it is crucial to describe the hierarchical higher ranks of the clergy.

Abune libanos monastery, debre werk, ham part 1. Abune paulos was one of the rare exceptionally educated patriarchs in ethiopian history because he had completed various degrees and received his doctoral degree at prestigious institutions. Remember me on this computer. The Church and the Revolution By the time the revolution erupted, the Church had a consubstantial link with the monarchical regime. Abuna Luqas hardly got involved with the politics of Gojjam.


He launched a project to build a University on Entoto that would help to commemorate the Ethiopian millennium.

However, the new regime, like every previous regime, could not work against a hostile and dissident Church. Abune Paulos returned to Princeton in to complete his doctoral degree there, and began his life as an exile.

abune paulos thesis

Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Since their establish- ment in and their amendment under the Derg, the existence of parish councils has put an end to the autonomy of the parishes. When the Revolution broke out, he interrupted his studies and returned to Ethiopia, being summoned by his patron Abuna Tewoflos, who gave him responsibility for ecumenical affairs. Weighting others in one’s understanding is the core problem of the church through centuries.

Sign in to write a comment. His first supporter was Abuna Yeshaq, who was the Archbishop pauloz the Western hemisphere that is, the diaspora in North America and Europe and who had sup- ported the Derg in the name of the preservation of national unity.

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Click here to sign up. Daniel Berhane Daniel Berhane. Constable, thesiw, pp. He actually stayed in Washington, where he was based as the archbishop of North America until Moreover, while the Coptic patriarch would retain the right to designate the Metropolitan bishop, the latter should be allowed to select the bishops, who should be Ethiopian.

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Despite its atheism, the Derg did not attempt to eradicate the Orthodox Church or Islam, but leaned on religious insti- tutions in order to spread its ideology and control rural localities. Religious leader and peace activist”. The Italians killed several church- men, including the bishop of Wollo Abuna Petros, who they accused of resisting their power. The majority of the recalcitrant bishops, branded as reactionaries, were asked to retire.

Abba Melaku Wolde Mikael, until then relatively unknown among the public, was elected patriarch of Ethiopia under the name of Abuna Takla Haymanot on 18 July by a college of ecclesiastics and lay- men. Abuna Marqos died shortly after his arrival in Gondar. Therefore, the patriarchate launched a series of seminars throughout all dioceses to instruct the clergy and the faithful on the compatibility between the principles of socialism and the Bible.


abune paulos thesis

There was even an upsurge in church attendance as people found in ritual activities a shelter from political turmoil. Shiferaw Bekele,p. The new masters of the country attempted to dissoci- ate the Church from the monarchy.

Abba Garima Monastery

It was vital for the Church, deprived of land rev- enue, to rationalize and thereby maximize the collection of donations from the faithful.

Yet the status of the arch- bishop still left the Ethiopian Church under the heel of the Coptic patriarchate. Anune its long history the EOTC has been periodically agitated by doc- trinal disputes and charismatic movements. Merkorios consecrated thirteen new bishops to guide the faithful of his Church and to consolidate its struc- ture by establishing zbune in charge of the nearly sixty churches scat- tered throughout North America and the rest of the world.

Never had Abuna Qerellos been so isolated. Nevertheless, their attempt to proselytize the Orthodox Christians to Catholicism ended in a bloody sectarian war that officially banned out all the Catholics and the Jesuits mission from the kingdom and hardens the Ethiopian kingdom to be resistant towards any kind of foreign mission.

They condemned the idea of undermining a centuries-old tradition that prevented political interfer- ence in purely ecclesiastical affairs.