Think of companies developing and improving solar panels, or generating electricity from biomass. Apply now Dutch students International students. Ylaise van den Wildenberg An internship is currently integrated in the Master’s degree of IEM. Example course units in the Process and product technology specialization are: Master’s thesis Technology and Operations Management.

Analyzing and modelling the cost components throughout a products life cycle. You do not have to wait until the application deadline to apply. This way you will get to know most of your fellow students and tackle the most demanding subjects as a team. Simon van Nieuwpoort Master’s thesis Operations Management and Logistics.

Master’s thesis Operations Management and Logistics.

bachelor thesis technische bedrijfskunde

There is an online questionnaire. An internship is currently integrated in the Master’s degree of IEM.

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Koen van Eekelen Specific requirements More information language test Een voldoende op je vwo-Engels is aan te bevelen omdat de opleiding Engelstalig is. Information and experience Menu openen. You do not have to wait until the application deadline to apply.

bachelor thesis technische bedrijfskunde

Once you have completed the three-year Bachelor’s programme and have your degree, you may continue with the Master’s degree programme to study your field in greater depth. As a result, a lot of future career options will be open to you once you graduate.


Julia van Dorsten Academic Advisor For questions regarding the programme sciencebachelors rug. John van den Heuvel Cas van Elderen Founding maintenance performance measurement on managerial maintenance decision making. Ward de Kleijn In the near future we may add the opportunity to also carry out your Bachelor’s project abroad eg China. Getting a better grip on forecasting intermittent parts. This is merely trchnische indication of the required general level of applicants’ previous education.

IEM Groningen offered me the perfect balance between basic business administration and technical detail. Specific requirements More information additional subject Mathematics and Bedrijfskund.

Bachelor’s thesis Technische Bedrijfskunde. You can get as involved as you want; some students drop in occasionally for a coffee, others join every get-together bacnelor excursion.

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Also briefly explain what you would want to explore in your thesis project. Erwin van Wingerden Internship Master Mechanical Engineering. This allows our students to choose their specialization already in their second Bachelor’s year. A spare part classification method for inventory control at Grolsch. Towards an integrated process for reliability analysis. Simon van Nieuwpoort The Admissions Board will decide whether you can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree programme.


Your technical know-how and your management insights will prepare you for jobs where technology and management meet.

Ruth van den Elzen You will be issued a study advice at the end of your first year of study. Condition-based spare parts supply for advanced capital goods.

Examples include manufacturing from cars to razorsas well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where you bedriijfskunde end up as a process technologist, for example for Shell or DSM. Proof of English proficiency is required: