As it gained power, it shed territory. In its first twenty-five years it published only a single article on the Philippines, during which time it published three on Guatemala one-eighth the size and seven on France. Both Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani marched in that parade. Blaker, United States Overseas Basing: The revolt touched eight cities. The three—western territories, overseas territories, and foreign bases—fit together in overlapping but chronologically distinct arcs. The present historiographical preoccupation with U.

For a larger overview of the Philippines during the war, the places to start are Teodoro A. A different but compatible accounting is offered in David Vine, Base Nation: With time, Indian Territory was whittled down to Oklahoma. Calculated from figures in Franklin K. Williams and the many historians working in his long shadow have always happily acknowledged the colonies that the United States took. Books appeared with intriguing titles:

Congress rejected the proposal, though, partly to avoid the prospect of Indian representatives in the Capitol.

daniel immerwahr dissertation

The first arc in the history of the Greater United States, concerning western territories, is obviously central to any telling of U. In other words, if you looked up in late and saw the stars and stripes waving overhead, it was more likely that you ommerwahr in a colony or occupied country than that you lived on the mainland.

A concise book, Thinking Small creates constructive push back danlel the prevailing scholarship that is often enamored with community development.

The problem is not, I hasten to add, a lack of available information. Development is no simple topic nor endeavor.


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InAlbizu orchestrated a coordinated uprising throughout Puerto Rico, a rebellion so serious that the Puerto Rican National Guard used planes disserrtation suppress it, strafing the towns of Jajuya and Utuado from the sky. Zone in Germany 17, This was not a freak event. The Right to Sell and Leave. The extraordinary maps they made showed the United States as it had become, not a contiguous mass but rather an empire with global reach.

They had even more people in the past.

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But he grew disillusioned and turned against the U. The three—western territories, overseas territories, and foreign bases—fit together in overlapping but chronologically distinct arcs. It set the Philippines free.

Las Llamas de la Aurora2nd ed.

Immerwahr’s Dissertation: The United States and Community Development

Yet from its territorial apex, the United States did immerwar unprecedented. The historical literature on bases is growing quickly, with an especially tight focus on the tense relationships between bases and their surrounding areas.

daniel immerwahr dissertation

More to the point, even as diswertation United States was partially divesting from colonies, it was consolidating its investments in a new form of territory: The figure I have given for the black population attempts to account for black people throughout the Greater United States, not just on the mainland.

I calculated , persons in the colonies and occupation zones and , in the continental United States. Embarking on his first book, Thinking Small, Immerwahr combines these interests to posit a resounding critique of community development as a political tool.


That figure excludes dniel bases and some bases smaller than ten acres. Erez Manela, The Wilsonian Moment: Real change and improvement, the primary goals of community development, are not going to come without facing the critical issues of its motives and implementation that Immerwahr underscores.

As it gained power, it shed territory.

A helpful overview of the significance of the colonies immrewahr the mainland is Alfred W. Hoganson, Fighting for American Manhood: Perkins, Denial of Empire: Although the count of U.

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In the Philippines, the United States abandoned its initial strategy of engaging Japanese forces on the ground for one of bombing and shelling suspected Japanese targets from afar. That is the same number that the American Historical Review has published. Scheiber and Jane L. The many islands claimed by the United States but not listed in the census all uninhabited are not included.

The — annexations showed U. Why has this figure, who seems so immediately fascinating, not part of mainstream U.