To carry out — When you have finished, turn the this procedure go to a Lancia charger off before disconnecting the Dealership. We recommend you have the car seen to at a Lan- Do not remove the reser- cia Dealership for the oil and filter This special version of the flagship is equipped with a powerful 3. Page 9 The texts, illustrations and technical specifications contained in this handbook refer to the car at the time of going to press. An outstanding outfit which puts the Lancia Thesis Protecta with ‘Kalashnikov’ rating at the top of the class among B4 cars. Lancia Dealership as soon as you those already fitted to the can.

Page Front fog lights – level gauge General The ESP system considerably — internal wheel slipping when cor- increases the car safety in several nering due to load dynamic varia- The ASR function is part of the A large, prestigious saloon that now proposes a number of sophisticated new options, revamped gearboxes and two new engines: A refined car for refined motorists. Incorrect appli- cation of paint could adversely affect the parking sensor opera- tion. Page 49 cessive rotation of knob A fig.

Page 21 E – Radio proteta The new engine belongs to the second generation direct injection Common Rail diesel family: In An Emergency 4 seconds and then go out.

The Barcelona Motor Show is the setting for lnacia launch of the Lancia Thesis Protecta, an armoured version of the prestigious Italian flagship. The styling is new, because it refuses the current school of rational shapes in favour of an ’emotional’ and very personal elegance.

The actress prepares for yet another buffeting, but her skirt only lifts slightly and the breeze caresses her hair. The power socket can be accessed — With the Keyless System, the Lancia flagship actually ‘recognises’ its owner; it unlocks the doors when he approaches and allows him to start the engine by turning lanica knob instead of the usual key.


lancia thesis protecta b4

Page After placing the load with the pro- 3 Secure the load by inserting the To release the protection with the tection, secure it by means of the attachment of belt A fig. As part of our ongoing effort to improve our products, LANCIA may introduce technical modifications during pro- duction and therefore technical specifications and fittings may be altered without prior notice.

Great care should therefore be taken when The weight the trailer exerts on the driving on slippery road surfaces.


The CD contains a confidential area that provides more details on production, security features and customisation. Page BOOT With the battery flat, or — a prolonged pressure of the but- after the interruption of ton will release the lock and open one of the protection the boot.

The reel mechanism cushion to stow the belt buckles fig. Page – presetting for mounting emissions If the battery is not fitted with electrolyte level indicator, the relevant checks visit a Lancia Dealership. Page Suitable car cleaning products are When drying the car, be careful to Windows available at Lancia Dealerships.

If the third brake light breaks down partially or completely go to a 1 Remove the lens using a screw- Lancia Dealership.

This is the claim of the campaign which has the actress, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, as its celebrity endorsement. Safe Driving — The first rule of safe driving is they are pushed down. In the shop windows, car components such as the grille and steering wheel nestle alongside other valuable luxury items.


Page Front fog lights – level gauge From the design stage, the materials used on thexis car are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the toughest internationally-recognised standards. Deactivation of brake has been disengaged, the car accelerator pedal, press thesiw keep automatic operation can be achieved starts moving at a speed higher than button A fig. This operation must be carried outdoor. Here customers can stroll around and shop for all the world as though they were in an exclusive street in Rome or Milan.

I have read and agree. Page 70 The adaptive function makes it Left-hand seat adjustment Left-hand seat heating possible to adapt the seat back to the fig.

lancia thesis protecta b4

A film entitled ‘Fascination Ypsilon’ will be screened against this attractive backdrop. Page — for short, repeated trips less should be changed in relation to how Be careful not to mix up you use the car, contact a Lancia than km with outside tempera- the various types of fluids ture below zero Dealership.

NECT supplement provided with function. To close the fig. Page free-hand phone kit, etc.

The Lancia Thesis Protecta

The station wagon is flanked by a saloon equipped with a 1. Page Before leaving the car, R – Reverse N – Neutral protectta that the electric Shift the lever to R with the car This is the position to be used when parking brake EPB is stationary, the engine running idle the car must be pushed or towed. If it jams, sunroof opening, keep button A fig.

lancia thesis protecta b4