Eff ects of water soluble fraction from leaves of Ageratum conyzoides on smooth muscle. Bull Bot Surv India ; For example, in Ivory Coast, it has protective fetish properties for followers of Snake-Sect against snakebite. Pereira in , cited by Jaccoud , reported use of the leaves as an insect moth repellent. Indian J Appl Pure Biol ;5: Screening of crude extracts of six medicinal plants used in southwest Nigerian unorthodox medicine for antimethicilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus activity.

Evaluation of growth disrupting activity of Ageratum conyzoides crude extract on Culex quinquefasciatus. In India, it is used in the treatment of leprosy and as an oil lotion for purulent ophthalmia. And Cacalia mentrasto Vell. Haemostatic activity of aqueous leaf extract of Ageratum conyzoides L. This family is well marked in their characteristics and cannot be confused with any other. Some aquatic and marshy land medicinal plants from Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Aromatic plants of tropical central Africa part X: Indication of in vitro biological activity in receptor binding assays.

Mycotoxic litdrature of some higher plants against ringworm causing fungi. Activity of Ageratum conyzoides on isolated rat phrenic nerve diaphragm and blood pressure on anaesthetized rats.


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Leaf sap on the hands of card players is believed to improve their luck Duradola, Adv Plant Sci ;8: Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants Belongs to. This should include the establishment of appropriate doses which is one of the major challenges of the use of traditional medicine and this can be done be evaluating the chemical and biological properties of the original preparation.

Kissmann G and Groth D: User Username Password Remember me. A comparative study of the wound healing properties of honey and Ageratum conyzoides.

literature review on ageratum conyzoides

J Indian Chem Soc ; Encyclopedia of world medicinal plants. Enhancing the number of leukocytes and platelets by stimulating the hemopoietic function.

literature review on ageratum conyzoides

Sampath Kumar, Debjit Bhowmik, S. Medicinal plants could be referred to as plants which are used for their medicinal properties. Accidents due to mistake in botanical identification 2. Diallyltrisulphide prevents metastases in the lung cancer Belman S.

Ageratum conyzoides L. (Asteraceae). – Abstract – Europe PMC

Pak J Sci Ind Res ; Royal Botanic Gardens ; 1: The insecticide activity may be the most important biological activity of this species. Kerharo J, Adam JG. Int J Pharmacognosy ; 5 4: The toxicity benchmark for herbal drugs depend upon purity, herbs containing toxic substances, bioavailability, and reported adverse effects Ahmad et al, Gupta A, Gupta R, A survey of plants for presence of cholinesterase activity.


The improvement in the quality, efficacy, and safety of herbal medicines with the development of science and technology have also been largely responsible for the use of medicinal plants. Correlation between chemical composition and antimicrobial activity VI, Literaturs of some African essential oils.

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Aromatic plants of tropical central Africa, Part X—Chemical composition of essential oils of Ageratum houstonianum Mill. Sau Paulo; Basf Brasileira.

literature review on ageratum conyzoides

This multi-systemic effect eliminates the need for multiple pharmaceuticals with multiple possible side effects. Pyrrozidine alkaloids form Ageratum conyzoides.

Plantas infestantes e nocivas. Many of these are biologically active. Saxena A, Saxena RC.

Ethnobotany, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Ageratum conyzoides Asteraceae.