It seems like Ribbons lives in a pretty consistent world of public attractions that turn out to be ridiculous and also terrible. Takasaki uses this chance to escape but comes back and agrees to be the club’s adviser after Makoto bribes him with a photo of his sister in high school. Archived from the original on August 10, The Professor tries to get the laundry after it starts to rain but accidentally drops it. This was a very comfy episode of Nichijou, defined more by strong and consistent tricks of atmosphere than truly outrageous gags. Mio finds her overreaction too annoying.

Nakamura wants to have a relationship with her. When Nano returns home, the Professor removes Nano’s wind-up key, revealing that anyone except Nano herself could have removed the key at any time. While Misato, Weboshi and Fecchan are waiting during a rain, Fecchan decides to entertain the others only to get herself wet and dirty. Finally the Professor eats the medicine after Nano mixes it with pudding. While chasing after a cat that stole her breakfast, Nano runs into a student and blows up and finds herself up on a roof with a missing arm. Nano punishes the Professor for eating snacks before dinner. And also great iteration on her fundamental joke The three girls at a restaurant.

Izumi does put in the quiz paper. Nakamura inside but the latter suspect it’s a trap so she immediately tells Nano that she wants to know more about her which Nano misunderstands, thinking Ms.

It seems like Ribbons lives in a pretty consistent world of public attractions that turn out to be ridiculous and also terrible The caramel and eggplants are glued down.

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The Professor makes a special scarf which allows Sakamoto to speak, although he ends up speaking in a rather condescending tone towards the two. Later, the Professor, Nano and Sakamoto play baseball but have no idea how to play it.


nichijou yuuko homework

A very, very strange tonal segment. Meanwhile, Nano and the Professor find a black cat and name it Sakamoto.

nichijou yuuko homework

This is much to Sakamoto’s anger as the Professor is too focused on making jokes with the crow instead of returning the scarf.

Takasaki spots her and comment how cute she looks in casual clothes which she runs away as the comment embarrass her throughout the day. Archived from the original on October 1, Izumi doesn’t find Mio’s drawings cool.

Retrieved March 29, Fecchan tries to give a positive outlook when Weboshi’s meatbun falls on the ground, but when her popsicle also falls leading to series of accidents on her, Fecchan throws a tantrum while Weboshi comforts her. Sakamoto leaves the room, leaving the two alone, only to trap himself again on the super glue.

Nichijou – Episode 12

Retrieved June 10, The next day, the Professor brings her a high school uniform to her surprise and joy. Feeling guilty for Tsuyoshi falling into her trap and shaving his Mohawk, Ms. Nomework from the original on August 10, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

nichijou yuuko homework

Will the professor break the terrible news to Nano and Sakamoto? Mio is touched by this and is glad to have them as friends. And of course she immediately knocks it into everything. These sequences are pretty much the only Nichijou gags that require any dedicated anime knowledge, in that they rely on our existing assumptions of how tsundere love interests express their love.

When Yoshino is distracted petting Sakamoto, Mihoshi tries to sneak attack her but instead hit the one person she wanted to beat, her Kendo assistant instructor. Nakamura plans to kidnap Nano again by luring her to a hole in the ground but Tsuyoshi falls into instead. Mio is tricked by Yoshino to take a part-time job as a daifuku mascot at a daifuku stand much to her embarrassment and annoyance.


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Nichijou is basically the only anime ever that could make these jokes work, because KyoAni are the only studio who not only could afford to give such glorious visual execution to such simple gags, but also sell them in terms in comedic timing. When Mai returns, she apologizes to the Professor by giving her chocolate.

Sakurai finds a dirty magazine in Hokework room which leads to an embarrassing and awkward argument between the siblings. In the Shinonome Laboratory, the Professor has made a smaller wind-up key for Nano, only for Sakamoto to accidentally crush it. The series is directed by Tatsuya Ishihara and aired in Japan from April 3, to September 26, On the morning of a very warm day, Nano’s hand shoots off like a rocket while she is stretching outside, nichojou she begins to chase it.

Rather than take the chance to spend time with her, Mr. Views Read Edit View history. I appreciate the slight shaking of the focus, which emphasizes the nicuijou that this is just a camera set up and left to its own devices.