Training methods Facilitated Training Facilitated course delivery occurs over three 3 consecutive days and students benefit from the opportunity to participate in group discussions and complete practical exercises. I am a bit stuck on the first part about the income and expenses. It covers banks, insurance companies, super funds, fund managers, stock brokers, financial planning firms, dealer groups, insurance brokers …. Janine Cini Trainer “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Happs , 2nd Jul, At Pinnacle you can pay for your studies using the following methods: But we might be able to help if you have any problems..

Devoni , 30th Jul, It can take up to 21 days from the time all your assessments have been deemed competent. How long do they take to mark? I have gained a deeper understanding of the regulatory framework and the provision of advice in superannuation. It is important to appreciate that it is unlawful to provide advice to Australian retail clients in any area or on any financial product where you do not meet the education standards in accordance with ASIC RG guidelines, and be authorised by an Australian Financial Services Licensee AFSL. This term is generally used to refer to a course of study that has been designed to provide education in the areas outlined in RG Full time vs part time

Which RG course would you like to study? Janine Cini Trainer “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Insurance The concept of managing pure and speculative risks Underwriting Common features of insurance contracts Life insurance Personal risk insurance.


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This means you will not have access to the online training and assessment system, new course material, student services and marking. All educational services will be suspended until failed payments are reconciled.

Before that, I worked for over seven years as an associate adviser for another financial planning company.

rg146 case study

Assignments and assessment tasks are designed to enable holistic assessment of the unit of competency if possible. How do I pay my fees? I am a qualified financial planner with tertiary and vocational qualifications in financial planning and law. Using the Statement of Advice SoA that you have previously prepared and submitted for assessment, you take the assessor through the SoA as though they are a client.

rg146 case study

One of the major advantages of enrolling with Pinnacle is that you can start at any time. We are working on Walter Gannon case study. What does everyone think???

RG for the Superannuation Industry

Your name or email address: Choosing your online RG training provider Monarch Institute works directly with a number of large financial services employers as an online RG training provider ensuring existing staff are adequately trained, accredited and compliant for their specific job role.

The completion of the course only provides you with the education an AFSL requires to authorise you to give advice. I have worked as a financial planner for a large Australian bank and boutique wealth management firm for over 10 years, and prior to that, as a fund accountant for a London-based asset manager. Here’s what they have to say this month When can I start?


rg146 case study

Your details have been successfully sent. You need to request this at info pinnacle. Hey,i just assumed the stdy for both and at the bottom of the fact finder and just stated that i have done so youngone. Retirement income streams Types of retirement income streams available Taxation treatment of income streams. Please enter the text found in the image below.

RG146 for the Superannuation Industry

All participants have 6 months to complete the assessments. Read our Privacy Statement. Understanding your legal responsibilities The regulators of the superannuation industry Investment restriction rules Module Insurance The concept of managing pure and speculative risks Underwriting Common features of insurance contracts Life insurance Personal risk insurance Module 4: Collection Notice Terms Privacy.

Should we talk about the risks of investing.? We should help each other if we have any questions This usually takes about 40 minutes.

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