They may find it difficult to write due to fluctuations in tone. If a child under the age of sixteen lacks the capacity to consent, consent can be given on their behalf, by any one person with parental responsibility or by the court The DOH, In addition, occupational therapists are needed for support and advice on equipment, play and adaptions, speech and language needs as well as therapists for guidance on eating and communication. Comment by Julie Vuolo posted on on 26 September I have been on some fantastic visits to see you work from clinics to construction sites and hope to be invited to more interesting health-promoting places.

It is through this work that we hope to make an impact in the areas you raise and through the support of experienced nurses and midwives who can call upon the values and behaviours that attracted them into the profession to guide and influence their colleagues. The Francis Report was released in Email me if someone replies to my comment. Kind regards Dee Link to this comment Reply. Email We only ask for your email address so we know you’re a real person. Family members are crucial at the point of diagnosis as they need to communicate with healthcare professionals to make sure they have adequate information to support and bring up their child effectively.

Adults with CP ordinarily participate less in social interactions, employment, marriage, and independent living according to Liptak, Educational staff are also important at this stage of the enabling process.

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6cs of nursing essay

For essqy to have the capacity to make decisions, they must be able to; comprehend and retain information to the decision, especially consequences of having or not having the intervention and use and weigh this information in the decision making process The DOH, Communication between the General Practitioner and the sesay with CP is also vital to enable the provision of support, help and advice.

Cerebral Palsy can be caused by infection in early pregnancy, a difficult or premature birth, bleeding in the baby brain or abnormal brain development in the baby. Secondly, those staff who are guilty of complacency and having poor attitudes are presumably less likely to speedily adopt any new mentality encouraged in a top-down initiative.


Miller et al, Challenges caused by CP are not limited to childhood and, in fact, challeneges in adulthood are unavoidable.

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6cs of nursing essay

Link to this comment Reply. Comment by Dee Harley posted on on 06 December Comment by Julie Vuolo posted on on 26 September In 30 years of nursing this is the first time I have ever felt that I can directly contribute to and influence the way that nursing develops in the future because the nurses at the top are reaching out to the profession in such a direct and accessible 6cz.

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Reddihough et al, indicated that those with CP have lower educational level, higher unemployment, are more likely to be living with parents, be single, and have limited financial resources.

Parents will be required to make fssay educated decision of which school is more appropriate: Comment by Rob Fraser MN RN posted on on 27 September I agree with anniecoops – this is great to see nursing leaders sharing what they are working on. If a child of sixteen or mursing is incompetent to make a particular decision, then a person with parental responsibility can make that decision on their behalf, although the child should still be involved as much as possible in the decision making process as laid out by The DOH, It is essential that the 6Cs are firmly embedded into the culture and foundations of any healthcare professionals or indeed any person that is involved in the Multidisciplinary team and support network.

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Essay: Using the 6Cs (MDT) in the management of Cerebral Palsy (CP) – Essay UK Free Essay Database

Miller drew upon the difficulty, faced by parents, of choosing the right school for a child with CP Miller et al, Comment by Joi posted on on 29 December Commitment is needed from the MDT to help the family through this transition period and to offer advice on such things as where to go for further assistance.


Views sought on new vision for nursing.

We are seeking as many views as possible to help shape a programme that really meets the needs of nursing and midwifery today. Dee – Take a look at Viv’s latest blog – ‘Compassion in practice: There are six action areas for the strategy being worked on, one of which Action Area 4 is about building and strengthening leadership. Communication, between paediatricians to the adult-oriented health care services, need to be efficient and sufficient enough to support the person during this transition NMC, Care should be employed during adult life to enable the patient to achieve esxay potential in respect of employment, societal expectations, independence, maximising their wellbeing and improving their health ot NMC, Family support groups can also help the child increase self-esteem Miller et al, The Francis Report was released in The new vision and strategy will be at the core.

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6cs of nursing essay

Family members are crucial at the point of diagnosis as they need to communicate with healthcare professionals to make sure they have adequate information to support and bring up their ewsay effectively.

What nurses told us was that whilst they could talk in general terms about good nursing there was not a clear and consistent way to describe this to people. Communication between the MDT and the parents enables joint decisions concerning the care of the child.

Adults with CP are inclined to participate in activity, physical therapy and fitness programs less so.