Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Finally, when the majority of the citizens have mixed blood flowing in their veins, they erect into a universal and absolute truth what is only true for themselves, and feel it to be their duty to assert that all men are equal. This books is clearly nothing less than pseudo-scientific claptrap. The whole nation believed in its gods, regarded Socrates as a revolutionary and a criminal, and wished to see Anaxagoras brought to trial and condemned. Then, and only then, do we see the absolute principle of the inequality, and hence the mutual hostility, of races ques- tioned and undermined. Aug 28, Roy Mor added it. If he is a judicious man, like Lycurgus, he will prescribe nothing that the Dorian of Sparta could not accept.

This puts them far above the rationalistic schools and all their works. On the contrary, other institutions are good for the opposite reason, though they might be con- demned, from a particular point of view or even absolutely, by the political philosopher or the moralist. What a Europe without Masters, but with plenty of Half-masters and Slaves, was driving at, Gobineau foresaw as well as Nietzsche. It is only men who are killed by the sword ; and when the most redoubtable, warlike, and success- ful nations have nothing but valour in their hearts, military science in their heads, and the laurels of victory in their hands, without any thought that rises above mere conquest, they always end merely by learning, and learning badly, from those they have conquered, how to live in time of peace. When Charles I, by the evil counsels of the Earl of Strafford, wished to force absolute monarchy on the English, the King and his minister were walking on the blood-stained morass of political theory.

Robert Prain rated ab it was ok Jun 06, He articulated these ideas in his lengthy Essay on the Inequality of Human Raceswhich did not attract much attention until he became friends with the composer Richard Wagner and his daughter Cosima in the s. By its union with other varieties, hybrids were created, which were beautiful without strength, strong without intelligence, or, if intelligent, both weak and ugly.

The heterogeneous elements that henceforth prevail in him give him quite a different nationality — a very original one, no doubt, but such originality is not knequality be envied.


Essay on the Inequality of Human Races

I think I am right pf concluding from these examples, which cover all countries and ages, including our own, that the human race in all its branches has a secret repulsion from the crossing of blood, a repulsion which in many of the branches is in- vincible, and in others is only conquered to a slight extent. I have touched lightly on the larger curves of change fo to trace the multitude of lesser changes within these would require many pages.

an essay on the inequality of the human races arthur de gobineau

Customers who bought this item also bought. But when the campaign is finished, and the craving inequa,ity destruction is satisfied, some prisoners are left over ; these prisoners become slaves, and as slaves, work for their masters.

: The Inequality of the Human Races (): Arthur de Gobineau: Books

Thus luxury and effeminacy are in no way the necessary causes of weakness and ruin. They differed from each other in the shape of and proportion of the limbs, the structure of the skull, the internal conformation of the body, the nature of the capillary system, the colour of the skin, and the like; and they never succeeded aarthur losing their characteristic features except under the powerful influence of the crossing of blood.

an essay on the inequality of the human races arthur de gobineau

In other projects Wikisource. If it reproached them with having compromised the names of religious faith, political honour, and moral duty, what would they answer? A few passages in the dedication that relate exclusively to these books have been omitted. I can readily believe that certain events have had a miraculous element, so far as this is stated by Scripture ; innequality where, as is usually the case, the formal testimony of Scripture is wanting, we may inequalityy hold the ancient opinion to be incomplete and unenlightened.

an essay on the inequality of the human races arthur de gobineau

The blatantly, ironically almost aggressive pro-Jewish attitude of Gobineau, akin to Nietzsche in sheer admiration and lionization of the Jews as one of the “highest races”, proved ideologically vertiginous to the Nazi propagandists and Procrustean thinkers—here Gobineau unmistakably contradicted perhaps the main pillar of Nazi political ideology, the schizoid, neo-Gnostic dualism of “Jewish demonology”, painfully obvious as reflective of low-grade moral-intellectual barbarism.

The Track of the Jew through the Ages. We know the condition of their art. One may go further, and show arthyr moral degradation is not neces- sarily a mortal disease at all ; for, as against the other maladies of society, it has the advantage of being curable ; and the cure is sometimes very rapid.


A government is bad when it is set up by a foreign Power.

His intellect will always move within a very narrow circle. The reaction was serious and general, and lasted till the world definitely passed into the arms of the Church. About a hundred and twenty thousand souls were collected together in the mission villages, under the control of the Fathers.

Thus fanaticism does not cause the fall of States. Thank heaven they have the power of soon becoming accustomed to their sufferings, which, in their worst forms, are infinitely preferable to anarchy.

The inequality of human races

There is no doubt about it. The forehead is wide and bony, often high and projecting. Such are the three constituent elements of the human race.

Monuments, customs, and institutions will be alike sacred. Unfortunately the negroes are for the time being superior in strength and numbers. Thus it was not the faith of the plain citizens, the country folk, and the slaves that was of small account ; it was the theories of the men of culture that mattered nothing.

It includes every- thing, and so may well have many faults, and more than one shameful dereliction of duty, to confess. While its very restlessness urges us on to a kind of historical chemistry, it also makes our labours easier.

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I will give it the better part, and assume that it will conquer. One or other of two destinies is inevitable. The second fact is that a picked race of men, a sovereign people, with the usual strong propensities of such a people to cross its blood with another’s, finds itself henceforth in close contact with a race whose inferiority is shown, not only by defeat, but also by the lack of the attributes that may ov seen in the conquerors.