Truthfinder is the country’s leading source for arrest records. After all, this government is inclusive to everyone. I suggest they have a national plebiscite in order for the other regions to not question the unequal distribution of funds. For me, it was not just another bill, not just another piece of paper that needs to be discussed, or just an opportunity to publicly show my brilliance. ARMM is one of the most underdeveloped regions in the Philippines. Bangsamoro Deals Are Premature. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process.

What are some good effects of the Bangsamoro basic law? Maguindanaon Maranao Tausug Yakan. I am sure they will help and will not oppose. During a speech in Zamboanga City on July 26, the President said he had signed the new law. It was a very valid question. The budget that would be given to them will take a big chunk from the National budget. Gov’t needs Plan B”.

Bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

Invarious indigenous people groups rejected the formation of the Bangsamoro due to lack of consultation with all stakeholders, especially the non-Muslim indigenous people who form a huge minority in the e2 visa requirements business plan region. I would suspect that there are additional pages in Tag and probably in Spanish yeah, I know, but older people still use Spanish there discussing the issues surrounding the Esszy.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved August 7, The Bangsamoro Basic Law cannot and should not be passed in its current state. The Philippine Constitution Association believes that the Bangsamoro Organic Law will lead to the destruction and dismemberment of the Philippines. These talks were the last of 32 peace talks between the two parties, which spanned a period of nine years.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

While there were efforts to pass the BBL during the Aquino administration, the length and complexity of the bill led the Senate to temporarily defer its proceedings. The Muslim community in Mindanao is counting on the passage of the Bangsamoro Organic Law to hopefully attain the peace they long for.


Realizing this as my own definition of peace, led bbasic to another realization, or at least a guess — that perhaps what we really longed for is to live like the rest, despite our peculiarities. Given the right amount of time and true commitment to the proper process, the Bangsamoro Basic Law can reach greater heights. Why should the Bangsamoro not be passed as a law?

Lanao del Norte and North Cotabato will also have to vote as provinces if they are willing to let go of their towns and barangays to join the Bangsamoro. The Politics of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. The chief minister shall also appoint members of his Cabinet.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

The BBL lays out the baangsamoro for its governance, abngsamoro provisions that take into consideration Muslim culture and traditions and, addresses the basic needs of its constituents. On 27 Marcha final peace agreement fully fleshing out the terms of the framework agreement and annexes, known as the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro CAB was signed between the two parties. A news report showing Pres. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat What are some good effects of the Bangsamoro basic law?

Elite cops killed in Maguindanao clashes”. Maguindanaon Maranao Tausug Yakan.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro. They should first dim their selves worthy of such big trust. This is even less expensive compared to what the government would spend in years to come for the military artillery bangsamorl compensation. Peace must be in the fishing boats, in farms, in public markets, in classrooms, in cinemas and theatres and museum, in TV ads, in corporate boardrooms, in banks, in the streets.


I am for the Bangsamoro Basic Law but against the implementation of its current state. How can peace and order be guaranteed if the government is not looking at the Bangsamoro community in a larger scale?

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And when finally the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro CAB was signed on March 27,all parties concerned saw a ray of hope for peace and progress in Mindanao. Log In Sign Up. And by ok we mean not just safe from violence, but getting competitive education, being assured of opportunities equal to the children here and anywhere else, having access to the best healthcare, to live just as secured and as comfortable as everyone, right in our own little corner, in this beautiful country.

Fiscal autonomy and special development fund Regional government officials under the ARMM must justify their funding before the Congress like other agencies. These cover 15 kilometers from the low-water mark of coasts that are part of the territory.

Bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog.

How can we be proud then, of such imposed faith and culture??? A study on the limitations of the peace agreements made by the Arroyo Administration.

The purpose of this draft is to establish the new Bangsamoro political entity and provide for its basic structure of government, in recognition of the aspirations of the Bangsamoro people Article I, Section 3.