This fight is entirely optional, but I think it’s the perfect way to cap off the quest. That has to be it. His yellow sash, symbolizing his service to the Emperor, was the last thing I saw. Shadows of a Flower by Promathia reviews Aishi’s life was a tragic tale of love, betrayal, death, and conflict. Desecrated Empire by Envincebal reviews Sun Li’s top student chose tyranny, but suddenly disappears. We also get the Zither Bridge, but have no use for it so it’ll just stay in our inventory for the rest of the game. Sabrajaguar , May 19,

We shall see what kind of test he has prepared for us. We’re heading right back to the Great Southern Forest. No ghosts are appearing. Since you have proven capable so far, I’d like you to acquire one more part. Will she be able to overcome her challenges, and fulfill her destiny? I will take it.

I did not get far before they caught me.

Can’t Be Trusted by Calista Morgan reviews Richie brings home a beautiful woman that turns out to be more temptation than Duncan bladee prepared for. Do you already have an account?

The Zither of Discord

Our job is clear. I chose to give his name to the Furious Ming character here because I’m a giant nerd.

However, Tempest and Stone Immortal can also be used to start a combo if you use the strong attack. But Besides Telling Fuyao to kill her slavers to free herself, Killing Forest shadow to because she is too weak to protect the forest or the other Closed Fist reasonsKilling the pirates by dropping the cannon, And letting Bladed Thesis kill the Closedfist Scholar for cheating by using your power, their are almost no True CF points!


OpenPalm vs ClosedFist, Did jade empire do it right?

From studying the full text, it seems that it would be near a river in the Great Southern Forest. Tempest’s strong attack suspends the enemy in midair, leaving them vulnerable.

bladed thesis jade empire

Naturally, Scholar Six Heavens has been following us, and now he shows up to demand the bridge. Rebirth by plutospawn reviews AU Begins after being revived at Dirge.

The Either of Discord is as unique as it is ancient, however. A Dream of Blaxed and Snow by Freesourceful reviews Fighting against an opponent as strong as herself, to save the Empire, Snow must stop at nothing to prevent the Ritual of Ascension from being completed. There must be some structure that allowed him to stay there for some time. This screenshot was taken long before I recorded the actual update when I was just testing out the save editorso Wei’s level is lower here than it is in the rest of the update.

But the Prize is something he never considered. I knew the penalty for what I had done, so I fought viciously, but they were too many.

Jade Empire Part #20 – Bonus Zither of Discord

Or Out right dispersing the 3 ghosts in the grave yard? Guess what – Chapter 25 is up! OpenPalm vs ClosedFist, Did jade empire do it right?

bladed thesis jade empire

blqded We, on the other hand, haven’t disappointed him and have passed the test, so now we can help him with something that needs to be done. Before my death, I performed my greatest composition, preserving me from madness. The bottom option, of course, makes Bladed Thesis hostile, and we don’t want that either. Speak with each of these wretches and hear their stories. If we can recover the last part of this empore, the bridge that would lift the strings off the case, then I will double the silver I was going to give you.


We shall see what kind of test he has prepared for us. Will she be able to overcome her challenges, and fulfill her destiny?

bladed thesis jade empire

Bladed Thesis would be disappointed. When you do the Zither Quest and meet Bladed Thesis, he approves of your answer that the bandit deserved to die because their is no point to needless cruelty. See, Closed Fist is supposed to have some nuance to it and it’s not just stupid evil!

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Well, actually there is one more thing — a quest that is unavailable to Open Palm goody two-shoes such as us, but can be shown off thanks to the magic of save editing. As if this love triangle isn’t enough to deal with, Duncan learns that she is actually immortal with some unusual abilities. I said “more details. Of course, just having Wu do this would be silly, so today’s episode has a guest star. Here’s Scholar Six Heavens, the man we need to chat with to start today’s quest.

Jade Empire – Rated: Bladed Thesis is a spirit enemy, so we can’t use Storm Dragon on him to set up harmonic combos.