ETSU has a student population of over 15,, including undergraduate, graduate and professional students. In the meeting on May 2nd it was agreed that a successor committee would explore this question. Questions bring needed focus or structure to the problem, task or topic. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Table 5 includes examples of the comments made by survey respondents. To take advantage of this opportunity, East Tennessee State University pursued a deliberate, inclusive process for identifying the theme of its QEP. Sources and information used indicate persistence and resourcefulness in seeking information.

Alumni The ability and desire to seek, find and digest reliable information in the world today is essential given the large amount and varying quality of available information. Selection of the QEP Theme. Questions bring needed focus or structure to the problem, task or topic. The QEP emerged from a deliberate, inclusive selection process that sought input from all university stakeholders and drew upon numerous assessment data. It will also create or acquire online instructional modules on selected INtopFORM skills which instructors can then require students to complete. The student correctly analyzes the reliability of sources or information. Leigh Lewis, the assistant director of assessment at ETSU, said critical thinking is one of the most sought after skills employers seek in future employees.

Library and Information Science Research, 33, Biggest blockbusters to hit theaters this summer Anthony SalasMay 9, Journal of Computer Information Systems, 42, Post-graduate transitions calitornia the academically adrift cohort. Team members agreed that it was time to present the plan to key campus stakeholders and seek their thoughts about a number of matters related to it.


Moreover, because collecting, using and communicating information are central to the work of everyone at ETSU and vital for the success of our university, INtopFORM will promote excellence in information fluency across the university. Insightful Questions, Informed Criticaal. The campaign also incorporates social media and print communications.

Faculty will revise longstanding assessments of general education competencies embedded in several courses typically taken in the first year to crtiical INtopFORM outcomes. The university will fund three student support and engagement projects every year for the life of the QEP.

California Critical Thinking Skills Test beneficial to students, university | East Tennessean

Journal of Educational Psychology, 91, — All programs of study must provide an wkills rating for each learning outcome. The future of bibliographic instruction and information literacy for the academic librarian.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Information used is relevant to the purpose. Logan Martin — February 18, Census opens a backdoor for illegal immigrants to participate in democracy. Students assemble and synthesize information to accomplish their purposes.

Individuals or groups submitted ideas via a Zoomerang survey which the committee discussed. The student does not oversimplify complex information.

Workplace experiences of information literacy. Evaluation skills assess the products of analyses, interpretations, options, beliefs, ideas, recommendations, inferences and justifications. Such a framework honors and incorporates diversity. Reflecting this view, in the U. Breaking into communities of practice.


Presidential committee on information literacy: The motto of our QEP succinctly captures the spirit of the plan: Undergraduate Students I feel that enhancing information competence is important to every student at East Tennessee State University along with any other college.

The faculty development plan will create similar opportunities for many ETSU faculty members. The student identifies questions raised by information.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Examples of recent initiatives supporting student success include the following: Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. ETSU analyzes test data annually as part of its assessment of.

California critical thinking skills test

USING their coursework emphasizes synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, or experiences quite a bit or very much. Each of the six learning outcomes that define excellence in information fluency will be evaluated by at least three different califlrnia. The CCTST is a national, standardized test appropriate for institutions of higher education, and ETSU compares the performance of its students to that of students in a tbinking reference group, created by the test vendor.

The next survey is scheduled for springand we will use the results to supplement other assessments of INtopFORM.

california critical thinking skills test etsu