So far the only news I’ve gotten is that we can only apply to 1 grad program per school at the same time, and for CSUF u have to pick the part time or full time program when you apply, you can’t apply for both. It went okay I think. Both applications are required for admission to the MSW program. Students are admitted to the MSW programs during the Fall semester only. Posted March 7, edited. Register a new account.

Why am I applying to so many schools?! Thank for this valuable data. My last 60 sem units is 3. I have just under a year of experience with special needs with respite care, 8 or so years of experience with children, 7 months of experience with at-risk youth, and 4 years of experience at a home for abused women and children. Register a new account. Has anyone not heard back yet?

I have no idea what my chances are of getting into a program since I have been out of school for six years now and was never employed in any social work related positions or agencies.

Sign in Already have an account? Social Work Search In. Now I’m struggling to write my personal statement. I apply next fall, I’m trying to perrsonal ahead of this so I don’t have any surprises. I barely finished my first draft of my personal statement. Ah, hopefully this is the same person to interview me then.


csuf msw personal statement

Posted December 7, Posted December 16, I hope it works. Please read the MSW program application instructions thoroughly prior to starting your application.

Admission Process and Program Overview for Fall 2019

Professional Fiduciary Management for Conservators. I graduated from csulb with a major in sociology.

Posted March 16, Doctor of Nursing Practice – General. Good luck to all! Posted December 9, I haven’t submitted them.

Skip to Content Press Enter. He sgatement his application in October. The admission cycle for Fall will begin on October 1, I’ll attach my notes in a follow up post, but as the above post said you don’t fill out that reference form, that’s for the referrant to fill out and send in in an envelope they seal and signtheir name across the back. Click the button below to start your online application to the Department of Social Work: They suggested u get a professional referrance and a school reference, ideally someone who supervised you and knows how your work ties into social work.

Admission to the Master of Social Work Program

When did you turn in your applications? My last 60 was a 3.


csuf msw personal statement

Not a lot of room for error there, so I need to really knock the interview out of the park. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot apply to both the 2 year and 3 year part time MSW statrment at the same time at all schools.

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Csur March 1, Posted March 2, I’m really nervous about this whole process. If we peesonal together and support eachother we each stand a greater chance of success in admission to the CSU of choice. The Master of Social Work MSW programs offered by the Department pay particular attention to individuals and groups in socially, culturally, and economically diverse environments, with special sensitivity to the multicultural populations of Orange County and the Southern California region.

It’s been going up and down all week. The other thing I learned was about financial aid.