If numbers are particularly high for any module, the need for a ballot will be announced at the first timetabled period. Skip to main content. Some modules may substitute a written exercise or essay for the full technical report. Arrangements for marking may slightly vary from lab to lab. A key is needed to self-enrol on any course.

Students may be required to sign up for experiments etc during the second lecture to be assured of a place. Submissions on Moodle will preserve your anonymity where required. About 75 modules are available, from which you choose eight. The commitment is 16 hours total, including up to 12 in the laboratory or the field. Marking Completed reports must be submitted for marking within 2 weeks of carrying out the experiment.

Shortly after each deadline, you will confirm your selection for that term as a binding exam entry that may not subsequently be changed or discounted i. If you will have a problem attending on the above dates or times, please the Teaching Office to discuss. Guidance on module choices for students wishing to qualify in particular engineering areas can be found here.

There are no supervisions for Part IIB modules, only examples classes. There are a number of reasons why it may not be possible to submit on time, please refer to the Rearranging coursework and allowances guidelines for guidance. Readings taken jointly in the laboratory may of course be shared with your lab partner, but reports must be written individually. Each module has 16 timetabled slots, in the Michaelmas or Lent term with the exception of a small number of vacation modules.

You will also be reminded of the importance of this declaration when you confirm your exam entries. You will be able to make changes to your selection at the start of the Michaelmas term and further changes to Lent modules until Januaryexcept for 4M9 and any language options.


The report itself should be typed or word processed to a professional standard — FTRs are assessed for quality of presentation as well as technical content.

Markers will be looking for a clear record of the practical work you have carried out, together with appropriate discussion.

cued iib coursework

Ballots and special conditions For modules where a ballot is normally needed, this information should be available to students on syllabuses and other documents. By using this key, you indicate that you agree with the condition above.

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There are many different ways to give feedback from the fast feedback facility to course-specific and national surveys and the best lecturers awards. Make sure you keep a copy of your module or project work before submitting it for inspection as no work will be returned to students.

The following modules are known to have limited places. Lab handouts explicitly state whether they are suitable as the basis of an FTR. The marked module lab report should be included as an appendix to the courssework FTR.

Your feedback is essential for informing the development of the Tripos.

cued iib coursework

The designated areas are as follows if handouts are not there, please contact the relevant module leader directly:. These modules are of interest principally to those wishing to pursue a career in research.

For modules where a ballot is normally needed, this information should be available to students on syllabuses and other documents. COMET will notify you if your module choices are invalid or do not fit into your chosen engineering area, in which case you must revise your selection. In most cases, reports are collected in, marked and returned with a feedback sheet.


You are strongly encouraged to complete coursework for all your modules from Groups A-G and M. In such cases, the new coversheet would have to be made available to students at the time of the lab. Having checked that a lab is suitable, you should complete the experimental work early in the term and submit the lab report no later than week 6.

Completed reports must be submitted for marking within 2 weeks of carrying out the experiment. A coversheet will be issued that contains details of the procedure for coursework submission. Marked reports should be returned within 15 term days inclusive of a hand-in date or by the Friday of week 1 at the start of the following term, if there are fewer than 15 days remaining in term.

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The material should not be redistributed by the students in any circumstances. The courseworj syllabuses will indicate if certain coursework components are not assessed anonymously. Modules in Groups I and S will be assessed by examination and in some cases coursework as well but all marks achieved on these modules will contribute to your overall Part IIA examination mark and will not count as part of your Part IIA coursework credit.

The coversheet includes a declaration, which you must clursework, that all coursework submitted is your own work. A IIB submission form must be downloaded and signed, stating all work submitted is your own.