The adjunct professor degree is namely coupled to continuous teaching, so MHH keeps Macchiarini listed in the curriculum , even if it is rather sure he never actually taught anything there since he left in The dissertation is supervised by a group of three excellent scientists. DD, just like Castillo, was from Latin America. Herr Professor Macchiarini, whose German is near-native the Italian grew up in Switzerland and is much better than his English, remains adjunct professor at MHH, against state law. Notify me of new comments via email. Process development and Good Practice: Associated Master program “Biochemistry”.

Effect of substrate rigidity in tissue culture on the function of insulin-secreting INS-1E cells. It seems that a past MHH professor, Heike Kielstein nee Nave was involved in the histological analyses of these trachea transplants. Stipends or positions are available for every student. The transplant failed spectacularly, the patient DD almost died. But MHH apparently knew about that highly unethical act, and did not mind at all. I asked Castells to confirm these events, twice, he did not reply. He performed there- as every medical student in PJ- naturally also clinical tasks assigned to him.

The patient DD was a pharmacist from Argentina, 55 years mhu at that time. The technology was simply outsourced in a good MHH tradition to poorer parts of Europe.

All you need is: Inwhen pig experiments were finalised for publication, the second human research object was employed, the patient DD. You are commenting using your Google account. Email required Address never made public. PhD students work independently on highly competitive and grant funded research projects.


But in their narrative, it worked perfectly. Eight of the 10 children subsequently developed leukemia, and three of them have since died.

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PhD program Regenerative Sciences. No-one wants it to be associated with the deaths around Macchiarini and his method. Berlin court grants Jungebluth new injunction against my reporting — For Better Science. Your generous patronage of my journalism, however small it appears to you, will greatly help me with my legal costs. Karolinska gets taught German medical ethics — For Better Science.

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This always happened under the instruction, supervision and responsibility of his medical instructors in the local thoracic surgery, one of whom was prof. The MHH keeps the former as dissrtation professor and granted the latter an MD degree, under conditions which are worth their own investigation. Trachea transplanters of MHH Macchiarini came to Hannover inand worked as head surgeon in the communal hospital Heidehaus read about disaster he caused there here.

Overexpression of the antioxidant enzyme catalase dsisertation not interfere with the glucose responsiveness of insulin-secreting cells.

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In one case, two students were allowed by the MHH to share the authorship of an MD thesis, which goes against all rules and concept of a doctorate. The person who gave Jungebluth the award was the same who probably analysed biopsies from the Barcelona patients: This however not a s a responsible for operations, but solely as part of his training.

MHH sure needs money. Walles were left with their precious decellurised pig intestine, which they tried to use for all possible organ Ersatz, including the above mentioned two graft transplants on human patients.


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PhD program Epidemiology Speaker: The MHH did nothing when they heard of that. Macchiarini came to Hannover inand worked as head surgeon in the communal hospital Heidehaus read about disaster he caused there here.

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Also Haverich lost all interest, he wanted to grow hearts anyway and became in this regard fascinated by 3D organ bioprinting read here. There were other awful MHH scandals, just search the German internet. ,hh

dissertation mhh 2015

Associated Master program “Biochemistry”. MicroRNA target sites as genetic tools to enhance promoter-reporter specificity for the purification of pancreatic progenitor cells from differentiated embryonic stem cells.

DD, just like Castillo, was from Latin America.

dissertation mhh 2015

dsisertation The medicine student Jungebluth was part of it all he insists through his lawyer that he only liked to watch thoughand apparently so was, though indirectly, his Hannover university. MHH loves Professor Macchiarini Even now MHH remains absolutely loyal to Macchiarini, who can only call himself professor because the Hannover university chose to support his adjunct professorship there regardless of how patients he left dead or mutilated.

At the same time, suspiciously many questionable clinicians and scientists came originally from the MHH.