Expected to generate storms with wind speeds as high as km per hour, it has the potential to cause widespread damage in Odisha and neighbouring states. But traders made a killing selling vegetables at exorbitant prices and hoarding essential items. Retrieved 22 April The Odisha government had placed 16 districts under high alert: As such, policy makers and U. The armed forces, scientists and government agencies together tackled the situation arising out of cyclone Phailin.

Retrieved October 11, Expert swimmers, boats, civil supplies and medicines have been moved to these locations. Reuters – Thomson Reuters Foundation 3. The others all swerved northeast to hit Bangladesh, Myanmar or other countries in the southeast Asian region. Here is how Hindustan Times tracked the devastation caused the biggest cyclone the country faced in over a decade. The IMD also advised fishermen out at sea along north Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal coast to return to coast, adding that “Fishermen are advised not to venture into sea,” instructing total suspension of fishing operations.

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A total of 1, people were evacuated in the wake of the storm and the following floods in the state. Terre des hommes Tdh 1. During October 13, heavy rain from the outer bands of Phailin lashed Jharkhand. However, Srikakulam district experienced heavy rains and gale-force winds which uprooted tall trees and electric poles, shutting down phsilin to areas. The others all swerved northeast to hit Bangladesh, Myanmar phsilin other countries in the southeast Asian region.

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The roof of the terminal was torn apart due to the speed of the cyclone. Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 10 October Original publication Date 1. It was fatal delay, as reports suggest that by then many people had died of starvation, hunger, and lack of water, cold and injuries after being battered by the elements of nature. It includes the key note message, updates from Member organizations, stories from Inter-Agency Groups, Sphere India programme updates, case studies-innovations and voice from community and other upcoming events and training programmes.


essay on cyclone phailin in india

Most of the typhoons in west Pacific in northern hemisphere form between June and November. Core information is the most valuable information both to avoid unnecessary deaths and to increase the efficacy of a disaster response system. The Indian Army, Cyxlone, Air-Force, National Disaster Response Forces NDRF were called to action for emergency and relief efforts, helicopters phailij food rations and the Red Cross emphasized the distribution of safe drinking water as a top priority for those involved in relief efforts.

essay on cyclone phailin in india

This time the centre and state coordination was excellent. The armed forces, scientists and government agencies together tackled the situation arising out of cyclone Phailin. Cylone Phailin left a trail of destruction along the country’s east coast. As it travels over the sea, the cyclone gathers more moist air from the warm sea, and adds to its heft.

kn Archived from the original PDF on October 10, Retrieved 8 October Several lessons can be generalized from the case of Odisha. Its coastline adjoins the Bay of Bengal for miles, which makes it four to five times more likely to experience storms than it would if it were located in the Arabian Sea.


Fishermen were warned about the storm.

Odisha, Andhra Pradesh hit by Cyclone Phailin

Officials said Ganjam district, neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, would be most vulnerable to the landfall while six other districts — Kendrapada, Jagatsinghpur, Puri, Khurda, Balasore and Bhadrak — could be severely affected. Finally, the Army was called in.

Archived from the original on October 13, In all these three districts, NDRF personnel are already in position to assist the civil administration in relief and rescue operations. Last year’s Cyclone Phailin was the largest on record in India, affecting some 12 million people and requiring phailni evacuation of over half a million. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has traversed a long way on un sea, thus gaining strength that is unusual for cyclones originating in the Bay of Bengal in this season. At least huts were destroyed following heavy rains accompanied by gales in Pakur district of Jharkhand.

Retrieved 21 October Location Maps – Country maps for your reports and presentations. Government cooperation, preparedness at the community level, early warning communication and lessons learned from Cyclone 05B contributed to the successful evacuation operation, effective preparation activities and impact mitigation.