This wonder material of the 20th century has invaded every aspect of our lives; it is all over the place messing up the streets and parks, clogging up the drains and gutters. It is cheap as compared to other materials and has more strength. These polluted components of environment lead to imbalance of various ecosystem of the Earth. In other words all plastics sooner or later break down into small pieces, leaving behind plastic-chunks or plastic-dust as residue. Natalia Herron began polythene in She has created articles at newspapers in Russia.

Plastic is non-biodegradable and do not decay by biological actions of microbes. We have received your request for getting a sample The users without accounts have to wait due to a large waiting list and high demand. Due to its light weight, high strength, good flexibility, performance, low economic cost plastics have gained wide-spread acceptance. Choose a Membership Plan I agree to wait a whole day. If the customer go with the product only without considering the packing then these bags can be avoided.

These polluted components of environment lead to imbalance of various ecosystem of the Earth.

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Rwanda is the only country who completely put a bsn on the use of polythene. This makes the water unhealthy for human consumption and agricultural use. We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately. If you ussing this sample for free, we can send it to you via email Send.

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Because the bags are not destroy or that are not decompostable.

essay on hazards of using polythene bags

This essqy looks into the dangers brought about by the use of plastic bags and possible solutions to the problem. The accumulation of plastic prevents the sunlight from entering the soil thus destroying the beneficial bacteria. Negative impact of technology on our lives.

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Whenever possible more items in bigger packaging should be bought. Plasticizers are also carcinogenic. Copying is only available for logged-in users. Various polythene spreads for bags areas. Polythene is also likely to clog the drains causing problems in the water flow of the pipes.

Hazards of Polythene Bags The day starts with the morning milk supply which arrives in a trendy plastic cover. In one minute, one million plastic bags are in use around the world and in Europe, plastic carrier bags are produced 3. The third R stands for Reuse. You must not only get information to be aware of the effects of plastic bags. The pipe blockages would cause flooding and the free flow of water is disturbed. In the fields these plastic bags when deposited in high quantities cause soil infertility.

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essay on hazards of using polythene bags

People have seen how much the plastic bags have adverse effects on their healths and environment and thus, they have desired and opted for change. The wandering animals like cows and buffaloes eat them which lead to their deaths. Essay on hazards of polythene bags. To add to this, the photo-gradable plastics are easily broken down by light into chemicals that are harmful in nature Bushnell, n.


Since plastics non-bio-degradability is creating serious environmental and health problems and something should be done about it. Our future generations depend on us and we should not selfishly choose the destructive convenience of plastic simply because we are too lazy to find another solution. Watch video solutions, read text answers to get a grip on NCERT exercises Harmful effects of polythene bags Polythene bags are one kind of plastics which are non-biodegradable and cause environmental pollution.

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Many of polythene and sweppers affected by cancer many more. Join now The Central Government too, has made assessment of the extent of damage caused to environment by plastic waste in the country by constituting Committees and a Exsay Force which studied the issue and made recommendations.

According to the New Internationalist, the world uses an estimated one million plastic bags every minute; bags per year for every person on earth New Internationalist. It is a simple issue which can be solved easily, but if neglected can lead to serious consequences.

Many anmilas like cow eat it and that bags cause for death of that animal. Plastic waste that lie on the gags for long stop the passage of oxygen causing soil infertility.

essay on hazards of using polythene bags

Indias plastics consumption is one of the highest in the world.