Listen and say who is talking. N Because she wanted to do sports. A sanitary engineer Job likes and dislikes — People who talk about their jobs 4. Look at the picture: One night, he came to the village. Besides, I love travelling and going through new adventures so this career would be the best one for me. Read the text and check your hypotheses.

They key to get an excellent mark is to know how to use the Jobs vocabulary and the grammar lesson efficietly. It was announced by the ministry of health on 31th August What information do you get? GiftCardExchange — Find people willing to trade rewards like Amazon gift card codes for Paypal currency! It is a series of seven novels for children.

Nevertheless some people know very early what career they want to pursue, they have a passion and are ready to do anything to reach their goal. Perhaps he wants to work in homeework.

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Write a short message on each. And weeks becoming a month, two months, three… a year. His name is Ray Charles.


Money certainly makes life easier, but it has nothing to do with happiness. Illustrate the timeline with photos from the web. Discovery Unit7 Unit7 one hundred and six.

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In groups of four prepare the dialogue. Results have always differed between the sexes. Who is it from? They moved into a beautiful home and said they had never been happier.

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Tips Go to your p. There were so many.

She can rely on her family to help her. The three characters are talking about the various homeworm concerning their future career. But the violent relationship between the two dueling gangs threatens to end their relationship before it even started.

They had always lived in small houses. His kindness became his weakness and he soon found himself with too many new friends. Any other details about job conditions? The characters are certainly going to talk about what job or what career they would like to pursue. From bestsellers to blockbusters p.

homework anglais 3eme

People were angry at him: I am sure there are many of us who would love to be able to choose another track to amglais at certain points in our lives. I had to do all the cleaning in the kitchen.


What made them fall in love? Vote for the most romantic couple of all time.

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When I am rich, a. Remplis les blancs avec le verbe au preterit. Create a Fantasy World.

homework anglais 3eme

The parents are very much into high-tech and spend all their time with their technological gadgets! Even a simple coin frightened to frighten him away!

homework anglais 3eme

Choose one or two posters and explain how the text and the visual elements could help people feel more concerned. Change the style with a collage or by using a graphics editing programme. Listen to what Churchill says about the war.