Some a little R-rated. As you all know, Mr. That said, there was a wallpaper someone made for I Hold the Lock and You Hold the Key that would make an amazing book cover for that part of the story, with just a bit of work to make it fit right. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The other two girls giggle, make motions with their hands to the petite girl, who ducks her head a little, glances over her shoulder at Jared. Dammit, he made a mistake, pissed Jensen off. Wants to say it out loud, taste it.

But later, when he thinks about how it happened, how he went out there in a towel and nothing else He looked down on most people, because they weren’t as smart, or as cool, or as capable as him. Jared sighs, shakes his head. But then he forgets that as Jensen circles his hole, teasing the texture of wrinkled skin there. The bell rings shrilly as he reaches his seat, but he takes a few extra seconds, pauses and bends to set his book bag down. Jared hisses, blows out a breath, feels his muscles relax as Jensen keeps wringing sensation out of him.

May 14, Lenore rated it liked it Shelves: You will learn this and more during an excursion into medieval England ofpresented to you by Lucius and Scorpius Malfoy.

Don’t forget your training.

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He curses under his breath when a tab sticks into his thumb instead of sliding into the slot, wipes it on his jeans and shoves the sharp corner in. NOT plot exactly, because nothing happens except Jared and Jensen sucking and licking and fucking over and over again.


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Nearly every orgasm induces a supernova, so be prepared. Anyway, no one ever looks into this classroom, no other student ever walks in accidentally, no maintenance people have to change a lightbulb. AssholeJared thinks.

He lets his tongue flick out against the cap, scratched plastic chafing as he lets it slide. I won’t say anything, I won’t homfwork mad; I won’t treat you differently in class.


Well, I found it rather lame and it kind of ruined the image of Jenson for me. Turns slow on his heel, face smooth, carefully expressionless. In other schools, even other classes, that veree buy you some leeway. By the time he’s reaching the bottom of the box, it’s late.

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A whimsical collection of Izuocha oneshots written to satisfy my Homeqork for Green Tea couple!!! And I have ideological isssues with RPS. Jared laughs and says, “BMW, duh.

homework verse ao3

I recently got kinda back into J2 as like He leans in, chest just touching Jared’s back as he pulls Jared’s hand down the chalkboard, beginning a second line.

So much has changed, but there’s so much more that hasn’t.

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Firm grip, grind of polyester, and Jared can feel him—God—right there–yes. When Jensen lets Jared fuck him and finally just gives in to it, he feels something break open inside him, crack like a melting iceberg, and he knows he can never go back to hiding behind his mask.


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Jensen pushes him back, both his hands fisted in Jared’s shirt. Probably lost their nerve when Missy-Chrissy-whatever walked up. He hitches in a breath around Jensen’s mouth.

He feels jittery just thinking about writing it. The best part of this sex bonanza, well except for the sex bonanza, was Chad. Jared thinks if aliens invaded Mr. May 14, Aiko rated it really liked it Recommended to Aiko by: Please consider turning it on!

homework verse ao3

You’re supposed to be teaching me, and here I am– filing papers, taking your orders, being your bitchboy. He thinks Homeworl am SO lame.

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