K-pop also affected the original way of life of Filipino teenagers. I felt as if I was on a tight rope. Let us be honest. In addition, his paradigm gives a graphic representation of the variables in the listening process. The power of music affecting a person was derived from its structure. KPOP commonly Pinoy like is the 2ne1 that one of their member is Sandara Park dara who become popular on a quest of the channel 2. I’m only fifteen, I haven’t a clue as to what love is, let alone what falling in love is, however I have my idea of it.

Korean dramas capture the interests of Filipino viewers because of its faster development of plot and quicker pace unlike the usual dramas in the country before that run for more than a year and tend to create more subtopics. In Wikipedia, K-Pop Music was defined as a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. Discussion of Results and Conclusion. Personal Preference in Music. I’d met the love of my life away at school. Telenovelas from Thailand and Taiwan, and music from Western countries as well as that of Japan and other Asian countries are also dominating the interests of the modern youth.

In the late s, it grew from a musical genre into a subculture among teenagers and young adults of East and Southeast Asia.

I remember quite clearly how guilt-ridden I felt. Most people today who are fascinated by the influence of South Korean entertainment tend to learn the Hanggul or Korean language.

The Status of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in the 21st Century Youth Subculture

Do we see ourselves reflected in old thesks of our friends? The respondents would just directly answer the questions with no time limit. You have things like Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.


kpop vs opm thesis

And even whining us. In a more specific level, youth of today are undeniably more thesos with foreign music, movies and television series. Remember me on this computer.

Comm 2: Research Study [baby thesis]

In s France, a disdain for American film and a desire to promote cultural production outside Paris led the government to invest in directors like Godard and Truffaut who would constitute the French New Wave.

After all, getting as far as we could from the constant bickering and all out wars between our parents was one of the reasons we’d both left town. Thank you very much! A personal relationship would be a relationship on your own personal time. However, despite of being interested to K-pop, K-drama or both, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The researcher found out that the respondents were exposed to local FM stations whose programming was more on foreign music but the playing of foreign songs in FM stations seems not to decrease or slow down the popularity of the Original Pilipino Music OPM.

The Blame Game: KPOP vs. OPM – DaebakPH

She was very well-to-do. As a whole, the K-pop invasion in the Philippines really affects the OPM industry in four major aspects: To my surprise, Mom and Dad wanted to show my brother some picts I’d sent home while I was gone. Apparently after reading some discussions on kpo communitiesthe topic only became a vvs due to the Kpop fans reacting to the original tweet that started the topic.

There now were other complications to add to the usual list of woes. Rules Of Survival Legends March 15, at 1: One of the issues about K-pop is the issue about lyrics that picture or refer to sex, social criticism and swearing.


kpop vs opm thesis

Lend me your Fears. Yes it is their personal dreams but just as how the advocacy of former President Carlos P. Also this study focuses only on K-Pop music and the respondents are Filipino Teenagers whose ages are 13 years old up to 19 years old only.

Hi miss angel says, ang ganda at ang informative po ng paper kppp.

To further elaborate, students who responded yes out of students who are interested in K-pop, K-drama, or both, This organization has a duty to protect and conserve our olm own kind of music. Such a small word, paired with such a vital meaning.

This research focused on how influential Korean music is to Filipino Teenagers. To me, he was a giant of a man.

mga sinulat ni ital: K-POP VS P-POP

Dinner finished on time and we gathered around. The Philippines has a very festive type of culture, Filipinos are naturally kind-hearted and hospitable, it is innate for this nationality to help one another, and Filipinos possess talents that are worth-appreciating and can make the world proud.

Pilante Gayle Louise C. I know each of their faces when I see them.