This could be due to the mineral and vitamin contents of Gnetum africanum include haematinic factors such as iron which play major roles in synthesis of haemoglobin Alada, ; Tindal, Abstract Changes in some biochemical and haematological indices including serum protein, haemoglobin, cholesterol, lipid peroxidation, white blood cells, Glutathione-s-transferase, Superoxide dismutase, Alanine transaminase, Aspartate transaminase and Alkaline phosphatase were investigated in male rats fed with a diet supplemented with leaves of Gnetum africanum. As a granulocyte matures, the cell nucleus undergoes many changes; it shrinks, indents, assumes a band form, and segments. Bio- cultural interactions and applications to development. Processing treatments In the boiling method adopted, g of homogeneous pieces of G. A thin blood film was made by dropping anti-coagulated blood on one end of a clean grease-free slide. Remember me on this computer.

Oxidative Hemolysis and Precipitation of Hemoglobin. Mature granulocytes are polymorphonuclear cells PMNs sometimes called polys. In the boiling method adopted, g of homogeneous pieces of G. Its iron atoms, however, are recycled; approximately 25 milligrams of iron become available daily from the breakdown of old RBCs. This reaction with ROS protects the lipids from peroxidation and by extension prevents damage to cells.

Literature review on gnetum africanum

The potential of leaf vegetable in Africqnum. Macrophages fixed in tissue often look different and have different names, e. Gnetum africanum are wild understorey lianas that grow on trees in the humid forests of Africa Mialoundama, The gravimetric method was used in the determination of the total alkaloid contents of both the raw litsrature cooked vegetables [15].

Results The specie of G. Therefore, the low level of cyanogenic glycosides in both the raw and cooked vegetable makes it very safe for consumption even in the raw state.


Thus consumption of other food substances that are rich in energy content alongside the vegetable may be needful. Concepts of biochemistry, theory and practice.

Because it is readily mobilized when iron is lost through hemorrhage or inadequate poor dietferritin is depleted early in iron deficiency. In Heinz Heinz et al, likewise found that mixing either nucleated from cold blooded animals or non-nucleated erythrocytes with PHZ turned them green-brown. In vivo assessment of the nutritive value of proteins in situ in the leaves of Solanum nigrum L. Generally, the paper was well written-up and I recommend it for publication. This was examined microscopically using X10 objective lens.

In addition, we recorded a A great deal of work was done to determine the chemical composition of the leaves of G. The decreased carbohydrate content of the cooked form of G.

Symptoms of inhalation of hydrazine and some of its derivativesmay include nausea and headache. Because it is not essential to life, the spleen may be removed splenectomy without serious effects.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Hepatoprotective property of ethanolic and aqueous extracts of fluted pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis leaves against garlic-induced oxidative stress. Lack of one or both of these substances inhibits RBC production and causes blood cells forming in the bone marrow to enlarge.

J Zhejiang Univ Sci B. Finally superoxide may initiate oxidation reactions, for example, of molecules such as ascorbic acid or epinephrine africsnum following hydrogen abstraction due to its basicity.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Such findings are often supported by positive results from in vitro mutagenicity studies. The nucleus of the leucocytes stained deep violet black and was counted in the four squares of the chamber.


In storage tissues, iron binds to another protein to form ferritin. Platelets are pinched-off cytoplasmic fragments of specialized bone marrow cells. R and Greenway, Liferature.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Edible indigenous woody plants in the rural economy of the Nigeria forest zone. In adults over age 20RBCs are formed in the marrow of the vertebra, sternum breastboneribs, and the ends of the long bones. Reticulocytes pass into the capillaries by diapedesis squeezing through the pores of the membrane and become mature RBCs within one or two days. GASD also caused enlargement and dilation of the intestinal submucosal cells indicating that most of gntum constituents were highly absorbed in the guts of the rats.

The diets were formulated from commercially available feed grade feedstuffs including maize, corn flour, fish meal, groundnut meal, bone meal and vitamin premix. We decided to investigate the effect of domestic africanu, of G.

Literature review on gnetum africanum

Thus when the cell is killed by heating, the protein gets denatured with the corresponding release of the chlorophyll. SOD is crucial to limiting ROS formation and controlling lipid peroxidation by dismutation of superoxide radical. The stain was double-diluted with buffered distilled water PH 6.