This category may be used only by students with official University appointments as teaching fellows, research assistants or graduate assistants working a minimum of 20 hours per week. A two-member committee, at the written request of the student and the chairperson, may be increased to a three-member committee. The Dissertation Proposal Review The procedures for reviewing dissertation proposals vary among the different departments; however, the following School policies apply to all departments and programs: It is also a good idea to get a sense of turnaround times for drafts of your proposal and dissertation from your committee chair and members. If the required changes are minor, you may submit the dissertation for format review immediately after the final oral examination so that the format changes and the commission’s changes can be completed simultaneously.

Assuming permission to proceed is granted, the information below applies to the voting procedures. The abstract title page is identical to the dissertation title page with one exception: Bibliographic Entries For style guides other than APA, if you have more than one work by the same author, do not repeat his or her name over and over. Dissertation Deadline Information See detailed deadline information for the current academic year. The following 36 credits in the areas indicated are required of all Steinhardt PhD and EdD students and are in addition to the specialization course work required by the specific academic program the total number of credits is determined by advisement within program guidelines and is indicated on each student’s statement of requirements issued by the Office of Graduate Admissions upon approval of matriculation.

Quotations within these block or indented quotations may use double quotations.

nyu steinhardt dissertation filing deadlines

All doctoral students are required to satisfy a departmental candidacy requirement. Prior to submitting your dissertation proposal, your dissertation committee must have been selected and officially appointed. Please note that all forms to request the appointment of dissertation committees require the approval signature of the Department Chairperson and are subject to the approval of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.

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All candidates for the degrees of PhD and EdD are required to publish the dissertation through ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing and must upload a final dissertation electronically for this purpose. The abstract is a brief summary of the contents of the dissertation. The committee members sign the Dissertation Reader sheets ; nyuu the result of the oral defense in the spaces provided and returns them to the department administrator.


Students requesting a four-member committee should submit an ddissertation “Request for Appointment of Dissertation Committee” form with the signature of the committee chair, the fourth member, and the department chair.

All requests for extension require the approval of the student’s dissertation committee chairperson and the chairperson of the department as indicated on the above-mentioned form.

nyu steinhardt dissertation filing deadlines

Reasons for recommending termination of matriculation may include, but are not restricted to, poor academic performance, academic misconduct including plagiarismand lack of satisfactory progress toward completion of degree requirements.

If the panel vote results in a “pass,” the panel will recommend that you carry out the research and dissertation writing as proposed there may be minor revisions suggested that are not officially noted. Students should be sure to consult the appropriate sections as they progress through course work, degree candidacy, appointing a dissertation committee, and submitting the proposal and dissertation.

nyu steinhardt dissertation filing deadlines

Indent the second and subsequent lines one-half inch. In order to help students track their academic progress, a degree “check sheet” may be obtained from the Office of Doctoral Studies.

The abstract title page is identical to the dissertation title page steinharet one exception: You should be aware that different departments require that different numbers of copies be submitted for review.

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The following illustrates this:. Copies of the dissrtation do not need to be included in the dissertation. Candidacy Examination 3 credits of equivalency – granted for one semester only: All other items requiring numbers should have Arabic numbers.

Completion of these steps, does not guarantee conferral of a candidate’s degree. A second opportunity to sit for the examination may or stenhardt not be allowed, depending on program or departmental policy.


When and How to Apply for Proposal Review To be eligible to submit your dissertation proposal review, you must: Leave three blank lines i. This rationale should bear the signature of the dissertation committee chairperson.


Stienhardt two-member committee, at the written request of the student and the chairperson, may be increased to a three-member committee. Adviser’s Approval Advisers should review this request with you to determine whether or not you will be able to complete your program within the prescribed time limits.

If there is no satisfactory resolution of the student dissertayion at the departmental level in the judgment of the student or if the nature of the complaint involves a personal or confidential matter, the student may proceed as follows: This copy should be submitted after you have made changes required by the final oral commission. The committee chairperson’s signature on this form also indicates approval of the point research elective requirement and the 3-point specialized research methodology requirement which the student has completed or will complete.

A title page does not need to be inserted before fling one.

Print and Copy Quality Your printer must produce consistently black letters and consistent margins. Plagiarism, one of the gravest forms of academic dishonesty in university life, whether intended or not, is academic fraud.

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The copyright page is page ii of the pages preceding the text the title page is understood to be page ibut no number should appear on either the title page or the copyright page. Departments and programs use different methods for determining a student’s eligibility for admission to degree candidacy, e.

The length of diasertation abstract should be limited to words.