As well as being a key learning area in its own right, English has a wider role as a means of learning in all curriculum areas. Until fully recovered For at least 5 days after the rash appears. Parent Contact forms are located in filing cabinet in Staffroom. The supervising teacher is to be spoken to incase of diffculty. Booster injection of Rubella Vaccine.

These are presented by the Principal at Monday morning assembly and are nominated by the class teacher. At OLQP we are constantly analysing the way we use technology. Parking in the staff car park is not permitted. Visitors not wearing identification will be asked to report to the office. The library is fully computerised and the children are encouraged to use the computers to search for references as well as to borrow and return books.

I have taught my students about evidence-based practices for two years now having moved sideways from teaching Special Education to also taking general education studies.

Would very much like to share with you the new vision represented at http: In this Key Learning Area students are provided with opportunities to develop: English is one of the seven Key Learning Areas in the school curriculum K Acceptable Use of the Internet includes: The school began as St Simon Stock Primary School in a building that doubled as the church and was run by the Sisters of Mercy untilwhen the Dominican Sisters of Malta took charge.


Education Week and Book Week.

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The school should assist in informing parents of the immunisation requirements and in the distribution of materials pertaining to it. Information regarding registration is included in newsletters in Term One.

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Rules for each playground are clearly displayed as to what games can and cannot be played. OLQP Opqp programs are family-based within the parish.

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By studying, responding to and creating a variety of texts, children will learn to: We also support this through: Homework is given regularly to Years 3, 4, 5 shhow 6. Tetanus Exclude until fully recovered.

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The swimming program is run each day for two weeks in Term Four. Unimmunised contacts should be excluded for 14 days unless immunised within 72 hours from exposure to the disease.

Teachers are encouraged to use positive reinforcement wherever possible and are free to use stickers, hoomework cards etc. Such activities encourage and help children become better learners and happier human beings. Lice Off Repellant Kit:.

In the event of a major disease outbreak in a school, staff from the nearest Public Health Unit and Community Health nurses will be available to assist the clerical staff in identifying susceptible children.

For shlw purpose of staff development, the Catholic Education Office allows six days a year to all schools. It is important to follow instructions on the container.

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Contact the school by phone on during school office hours 8: By law, students homeqork expected to attend school each day that the school is open. For the safety and wellbeing of your children, the school policy requires all visitors to go to the school office before going anywhere else in the school.

To assist with the administration of money matters at school, parents are asked to follow these guidelines.

A menu and price list is also provided to all families. Email me to plan.

The conference attendee was unperturbed calling out. We strive to live as your children, One in love with Jesus our friend. Dropping Off and Collecting Children.

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This will be recorded in the sjow as a partial absence. Most congestion is cleared within 15 minutes so you may consider collecting your children after that time. The motto is simple: Learn well and Look after each other Live responsibly. Until all symptoms have disappeared or until a doctor issues a certificate of recovery.