Item Box in Abandoned Factory Na: There are Item Boxes here, so besure to get them. Within, there is the last kanji within the Item Box. Anyway, once you get to that exit side, there should be a man there. Get informed when this item is in stock by using our Personal Agent from the right. I WILL ignore you. After, back track to the first area of the Mystic Forest.

Save your game and go right from the save point. Now, head to south and into the a dark area. You can also adjust your Equips. Check the walkthrough Ennin Orochi, En: This will get you to pass the third part At the area, save your game. Her movement is faster and use charms more frequent. She is pretty fast but if you keep jumping around, she won’t be able to hit you much.

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Before you go up, go left and go up north few times til you get to an area with an Item Theis at north. After, yet another boss fight.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

Further, this FAQ can not be altered, referenced or distributed by any individual, web site, organization, group, company, magazine, strategy guide author without my absolute permission. Frog you meet on the way to Putrid Altar. Item Box in Pebbles’ Wasteland Mu: Now, back track to where you press the second switch, exx you can head north through the green gate now.


Item Box in Steel Canyon Ji: Go to speak with Luchell. You are going to go throug the warp points to the right and left.

There is a tskbasa path to the east, take it. In that area, at the right part, there are now 2 person over there. Now, it’s time to get a move on.

Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa – Guides and FAQs

With the help of Kobaldia, you can put out the fire. Of course, fight that boss.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

Take the north one for an Item Box, ignore the left path and take the path at lower right to move on. There are three paths to take here. Speak with the one to the left to get another kana and you probably get a new summon, Punim.

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Eventually, you will get a scene with Nova. Switch to Ainna and use the summon “Poizorif” at that moving mushroom. Warp back to Alespa Street.


summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

Those often come out months later. Continue to north, then head to the left a bit and jump toward the south to another area. After, move on and eventually, more scene.

After, you can go south or north. After, back to the town for more scene. And back to the Tower Of Reincarnation.

Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa – Screenshot

To the “White Night” HQ. Yuzuki will give you another kana and you probably get a new summon, Golem. Besure to explore around and you would probably get the last katakana for the new summon, Elekimedes. Use Powan to cure Re: Next area after that, there should be an Item Box to the right and once thesid open it, you should get the another katakana and you will get a new summon, Dritol. Thessi will give you another katakana and you will mostly get a new summon, Peko.

Souharyuu Burisugoa Paired Conquering Dragons Blisgoa Souharyuu Burisugoa, Sou: Go to speak with Kisana.