Ikaw ba ay kadalasang tinatawag o inaasar ng mga kung ano anong pangalan? A similar study should be conducted on a wider area of respondents, like students from different grade levels for a more substantial validation of the present study. Why do bullies bully? Ayaw mo man o sa gusto mo masusubukan mo na mag-tiwala Interviewer: Yeah, kasi kapag ako na kakuhaan ng pampahamak o pagmamalilit iyon talaga yung ginagamit kong way para mag-stand up kasi at the end of the day sarili mo lang din naman iyong bullying, iyon yung way para maging matapang ka, maging independent ka.

April, 4 Sex: The Pain of Bullying Lasts into Adulthood. The researcher also used in-depth interviews on the top 3 handpicked students based from the results of the survey questionnaires. Indicators 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10 garnered weighed means of 3. There are a lot of ideas that we have gotten from different articles that are made by brilliant minds.

Let us see some statistics on the amount of students bullied in the Philippines.

Isang Pananaliksik Tungkol Sa Pang-aapi (Bullying) by Dominique Ann Calma on Prezi

There is a significant relationship between the effects of bullying and the well- being of students. Strongly agree kasi diyan na pumapasok yung curiosity na kahit 40 parang tamang hinala ka nalang na pinag-uusapan ka kahit hindi naman doon na din pumapasok yung ano, yung misunderstanding.

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Thesis tungkol sa pambubully

Findings 42 42 Based on the data gathered, the following are the findings: Cyber bullying is much easier to do for the bully as there is a barrier between the two parties and they are not facing each other. It is now time to find the expected values using the formula: Some cases like unexplained bruises, asking for more money or sleep problems can be possible cases of bullying.


I feel stronger and 46 It is also recommended to use other data gathering tools like checklists or observational methods to lambubully more information from the respondents.

Chapter 4 41 41 Summary, Findings, Conclusion, Recommendation Summary This study wanted to find out the significant relationship of the effects of bullying and the well-being of students. Cowie, In the Philippines bullying is also rampant as other countries where DepEd has reported that one in two Filipino children have experienced violent behavior in their schools. I want to apply what I learned in my course and to apply with any position 51 that will fit my qualification. I want to apply fhesis I learned in my course and to apply with any position 51 that will fit my qualification.

The bystanders — students who are aware of bullying — can have a powerful effect on bullying, positive or negative. What Is Conflict Theory? Different types of bullying ranging from direct physical bullying, verbal and even sexual bullying is becoming a really big issue to deal with.

I feel comfortable 68 The latest measures include the signing the anti-bullying act ofwhich criminalizes any act of bullying or cyber bullying that happens in the country.


As said in many studies the effects of bullying on the well-being of students are psychological problems such as anxiety attacks, depression, PTSD Post-Traumatic stress disorder and others. By Erika Tepace and Allyza Tardeo.

thesis tungkol sa pambubully

One theory that studies this phenomenon is the Conflict Theory of Karl Marx, it is a society theory that states: I have experienced being treated badly when I use social medias like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Agree ang sagot mo, pwede ka bang mag-state ng facts or experiences?

thesis tungkol sa pambubully

Hindi ko kayang ipagtanggol. Ang 38 pangalan mo ay? Good morning, salamat sa pagtanggap sa interview namin. Thank you very much. Children often mimic what they see in older people. I feel comfortable 68 Thesis – We first made the contents of our thesis 2. We would also like to thank all the professors, staffs and students that have helped us make this research possible. Flaming, harassment, cyber stalking, denigration, masquerading and outing.

Neutral kasi nga parang ano lang din kasi, parang okay lang parang hindi naman sobrang hindi ko ma-express.