Student and family reports on the time students spent on subject-specific homework did not differ for the TIPS and control conditions. The battle over homework: Even in Year 2 when percentages of signed assignments generally dropped, Year 2 families generally interacted with their students in some way in math on average 25 times, in language arts 17 times, and in science about 13 times. At each school, teachers were randomly assigned to implement either the TIPS interactive homework assignments weekly along with other homework or to serve as control teachers and assign only regular, noninteractive homework assignments. Each year, students reported whether or not homework was important to them. Recognize the importance of the interactive nature of the assignment. However, challenges abound with its current practice.

A longitudinal study of family involvement and mathematics achievement. Dependent Variables The dependent variables included time, attitudinal, family involvement, and achievement outcomes. Theory Into Practice, 43, — The teachers not only began to share homework tips, but also exchanged classroom teaching techniques and strategies. They were easy to understand, but you were still learning new things. Some teachers tend to underestimate how often families are involved.

The family partner serves as an assistant, never the teacher.

Teachers report that the homework process needs to improve, and that they would like time to ensure that assignments are relevant to the course and topic of study; build in time for feedback on assignments voorjis and establish effective policies at the curriculum, grade, and school levels Markow et al. Significant differences emerged, however, in student and family reports of time spent on homework across the subjects elementary math, middle school language arts, and middle school science.

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Are the questions absolutely clear? Again, TIPS families reported significantly more favorably to these questions than control families both years.


More specifically, for the elementary math and language arts studies, teachers in the control group used their normal homework practices and homework. Homework in the early grades should encourage positive attitudes and character traits, allow appropriate parent involvement, and reinforce simple skills introduced in class Cooper, Journal Article Publication Information: It links you with research-based information that you can use to connect schools, families, and communities.

The purpose of this paper is to gomework the results of one homework intervention designed to ease some homework tensions between students and families.

Then edit the assignment to improve it. Homework design also needs to develop the third topic— family involvement in the homework process. Additionally, elementary math students reported better attitudes than did middle school language arts students, and middle school science students reported worse attitudes than middle school language arts students.


Annotation from the Connection Collection

This article is provided as a service vvan the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, a c 3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted young people 18 and under. Journal of Educational Research and Policy Studies, 5, 24— Students reported working with their parents on schoolwork between one and three times weekly.

By identifying the interactive components of the assignment first, one can ensure that the hmoework will promote productive and meaningful student-parent interactions. Although TIPS 1-year family reports were higher than control families, the differences were not significant. Develop assignments you would enjoy completing. There were interesting games and ideas.

Costs and Benefits of Family Involvement in Homework

The student should compute the answers to problems, write paragraphs, and collect information. Psychology Journal, 6, — An interview with Harris Cooper—Research, policies, tips, and current perspectives on homework. No differences emerged in the amount of time students spent on subject homework across the homework groups, but students using TIPS for 2 years earned significantly higher standardized test scores than did controls. Time and money represent the main identifiable costs of implementing the TIPS process.


What percent of TIPS activities were completed and how well? Homework requires students, teachers, and parents to invest time and effort on assignments. What factors affect student academic achievement?

Costs and Benefits of Family Involvement in Homework

Therefore, these findings suggest that teams of teachers can be guided to work together to view homework as a resource that supports classroom teaching. All parents, regardless of formal education, should be able to participate in the student-family interaction. This article reviews the purposes of homework, draws on research to understand the homework process, and reviews the results of studies of an interactive homework design known as TIPS Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork.

These activities represented additional work beyond normal teaching, and therefore, the researcher did not also administer a baseline survey of students and families.

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Although reasonable effort is made to present accurate information, the Davidson Institute makes no guarantees of any kind, including as to accuracy or completeness. Not all activities should ask students to interview a family partner. Homework management reported by secondary school students: The author met with the teachers in the control group for 1 day in the summer prior to the school year of TIPS implementation for each year of each study.